Lincoln 1860

Lincoln 1860

Monday, July 21, 2008

Update: Lincoln Statue Brings $9,000

Back on July 7, I posted a story about an auction coming up in southeastern Ohio in which 62 acres of land plus various statues of U.S. presidents and military leaders were going to be sold.

The auction was held on Saturday July 19, in Frazeysburg, Ohio. The sandstone statue of Abraham Lincoln brought an impressive $9,000, but the most expensive statue (of U.S. Grant) went for a cool $35,000! The same gentleman purchased those two statutes, plus a statue of James B. McPherson (a Union Civil War general) for another $8,500. They are destined for the purchasers' property in Oxford, Ohio.

This article from the Coshocton Tribune (Ohio) contains more details about the auction turnout and results.

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful that the same man purchased the statues, I would love to go take a drive by his house and see his property with these great statues.

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