Lincoln 1860

Lincoln 1860

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Rarest Lincoln Signature To Be Displayed In Philadelphia

The rarest Abraham Lincoln signature of them all is to be displayed for the next decade at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. The only known signature of Lincoln he made in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 19, 1863 is a national treasure.

The autograph of Lincoln is in a book which contains the signatures of other dignitaries who were gathered in Gettysburg that day for the dedication of the national cemetery, the scene of Lincoln's immortal Gettysburg Address.

According to this article from the Philadelphia Inquirer, the autograph book was purchased for a staggering $937,000 at a Sotheby's (New York) auction by Lewis Katz, a philanthropist who is part owner of the New York Yankees and New York Nets. He in turn decided to loan it to the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

Among the other signatures in the book are those of William H. Seward, Lincoln's Secretary of State who was nearly killed on the night of Lincoln's assassination; and Abner Doubleday, credited by some experts as the inventor of modern baseball.


klkatz said...

very cool. can't wait for the NCC to have it on display. it's a short walk from my house.. and despite our similar last names, I am, unfortunately, not related to Lewis Katz.

Anonymous said...

I have a commission signed by Abraham Lincoln appointing my great-grandfather as the first Consul from Prussia to Louisville (dated October 8, 1864). William Seward's signature is also present.
I would like to know its approximate value for insurance purposes.
Could you help here in suggesting who I should contact?

Tracer Lee Vaughn

ThePlantNation said...

I have two Abraham Lincoln signatures and one of Charles Sumner

First to-
"Judge Advocate General -please procure the record of the trial of Major Laws and on free examination of it and these papers, report to me. Meantime, let execution of sentence be suspended until further order from me. A. Lincoln Aug 28 1894" and
"Petition of Gen. Wm. Birney to pardon & restore to duty Sergt. Major Adam Laws. Have read the within petition from Gen.Briney & have pleasure in presenting it. Charles Sumner"

"Senate Chamber 24th Jan. '65 Let this man be Pardoned for unexecuted portion of sentence and restored to duty A. Lincol" Jan 28, 1865" Stamped bottom of note RECEIVED FEB 1 1865 ADJUTANT GEN'LS OFFICE

Where is best source for evaluation and appraisal of these documents, please? I am in Washington DC. Is there an expert in the area?

Geoff Elliott said...

To "I":

Since you are in Washington, you should contact either the Smithsonian's American History Museum or The National Archives for assistance with confirmation.

If they are authentic and you desire to sell them, you can contact any major auction house, such as Christie's or Sotheby's in New York.

Good luck.

Edward said...

I have a Lincoln Signature of promotion to Brevet Brigadier General for Horace Brooks. With Lincoln's Signatue is that of Edward Stanton. It also has the metal tube, in which it was stored.

In North Carolina, I have been looking for someone who could provide an appraisal on it for insurance purposes.

Is there anyone who can assist me?

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