Lincoln 1860

Lincoln 1860

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin??

Through one of those quirks in history which can never be understood, Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin were born on the very same day, February 12, 1809. It must have been a slow week at Newsweek magazine when it ran an article asking who is more important to society today, Abe or Chuck?

Talk about comparing apples to oranges. Lincoln was not a scientist (although he did have an invention patented) and Darwin was not a politician. About the only thing they had in common that I can think of (other than their birth date) is that Lincoln was called the "original gorilla" and Darwin stated that humans and apes share common ancestry. Please, Darwin NEVER stated that humans evolved from apes, by the way!

Newsweek's article is interesting on the surface, I guess, but you have to wonder about the reasoning behind this article. There doesn't even seem to be much of a conclusion, although the author seemingly leans towards Lincoln being more important than Darwin.

There apparently was no news during that week of publication.

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Anonymous said...

Humans evolving "from apes" is an old trope of the creationist crowd, good job calling the magazine out on it.

When I saw this cover in an airport I first thought they meant "who would win in a fight?", which prompted me to search and found a website dedicated to deciding which presidents are the toughest and which would win in a fight. Id like to see them put darwin up there against lincoln and answer what the cover suggests. it's here

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