Lincoln 1860

Lincoln 1860

Monday, January 7, 2008

Harrison Ford In Spielberg's Lincoln Film?

Rumors circulating through cyberspace are saying these days that Harrison Ford is in talks with Steven Spielberg to star in Spielberg's long-awaited biopic of Abraham Lincoln. According to the rumors, Ford would be cast as Lincoln's second vice-president (and successor) Andrew Johnson. Liam Neeson is to star as Lincoln.

I've included this funny composite photo of Ford and Lincoln from the "/Film" blog to depict what Ford might look like as Lincoln. Just for fun. Blogs don't always have to be serious you know.


Sarah said...

I must say I find that picture a little creepy, haha.

Geoff Elliott said...

Yes, Sarah, it is indeed creepy.

Thanks for your comment!

klkatz said...

can't wait for the film.. i think Neeson is a good fit for lincoln... though i'm not too sure on Ford as Johnson.. when i picture Johnson i see someone that looks a lot like Johnny Cash.

synjones said...

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