Lincoln 1860

Lincoln 1860

Friday, January 18, 2008

What Would Abe Drive?

A driver's license for Abraham Lincoln? One of the more interesting, if slightly amusing, souvenirs being issued for the upcoming bicentennial celebration of Abraham Lincoln's birth are "driver's licenses" showing his image, address, and vital statistics.

While doing my daily search for Lincoln news, I came upon this page from Webwire that talks about how Carolyn Martinette created these "licenses" as a way to both commemorate Lincoln's birth and provide some basic facts to the public. Licenses for the various states and Washington, D.C. in which he lived are available. Each state license depicts his "address" and then other facts on the reverse. Ms. Martinette is selling these items from her website. Sort of a clever idea, really. Good for kids who would like to know more about the 16th U.S. president. And who knows? They might become highly collectible Lincolnania items in the distant future.

Please note that I am in no way associated with Ms. Martinette or the licenses. I just try to bring interesting (hopefully) Lincoln news to my readers.

So what would Abe drive? Why, a Lincoln, of course!


Anonymous said...

Your Lincoln blog is excellent.
If you welcome contributors to your blog, I would like you to email me about running an article I have written about my published book, LINCOLN'S UNKNOWN PRIVATE LIFE, AN ORAL HISTORY BY HIS BLACK HOUSEKEEPER, MARIAH VANCE, 1850-1860. She tells what the homelife of the Lincolns was like in Springfield during the ten years before he became President. (They were a typical dysfunctional American family, circa 1850s.)
Thank you.

Walter Oleksy

Anonymous said...

The creator of the Lincoln Drivers License Carolyn Martinette passed away on Dec. 23. She will be missed by all of the great people she has met in her life. A huge loss to the Hodgenville, Ky. area.

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