Lincoln 1860

Lincoln 1860

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lincoln Document Thief Gets Seven Years

In July of last year, I posted an article about two men who were arrested and charged with the attempted theft of rare, historic documents written by several U.S. Presidents, including Abraham Lincoln.  The man pictured above, Barry Landau, was one of the men charged.

Yesterday, Mr. Landau (now convicted in the case), was sentenced in federal court in Baltimore to serve a term of seven years.  After that sentence is completed, he is to serve a supervised release of three years.  

Landau and his partner stole at least 6,000 documents over the course of a few years.  Some of those documents were sold to dealers.  The thefts occurred in Ohio, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and other states.

The full article about Landau's sentence may be read here.   In my opinion, his sentence and the accompanying fine aren't enough punishment.  One cannot put a price on historical documents.

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