Lincoln 1860

Lincoln 1860

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some New Features On The Abraham Lincoln Blog

The above photo shows results of the efforts of some unknown "artist" who tried to update Mr. Lincoln's "look" for today's modern era. I don't know if he would approve of the look or not, but he was never averse to change.

Since I've decided to continue The Abraham Lincoln Blog, I feel as though it needs a new feature to help keep up with rapid changes in technology and social networking. Beginning today, readers will be able to use "share buttons" at the end of every new post (or any previously existing one) to bring attention to anything they find worthy on this blog. The reader may email a post, use Blogger to include it in their own blog, or share it to Twitter, Facebook, and Googlebuzz. It will cut down on the time of copying and pasting a URL to another site.

Another new addition to the blog is a section titled "Upcoming Lincoln Events And Other Fun Stuff," which is located on the right side of the page below the Abraham Lincoln Blogs and Links section. This new section will include links to upcoming symposia, lectures, and exhibits associated with Lincoln. Other links will be for "fun" things related to Lincoln, such as websites selling Lincoln souvenirs and apparel. I'm not being paid by any site listed in this new section. It's simply a way to bring attention to things my readers might enjoy.

As always, thanks for taking time to read this blog about Abraham Lincoln.


Your Life for a Story said...

That alterted pic of Lincoln is so hilarious! What a nice way to start my day!! I've never laughed so hard.... I showed it to my partner and he said it certainly encourages people who have had no reason to think about Lincoln to take a second look! I'm sure if he had that look in the mid-19th century, people would have probably begun impeachment proceedings -- or had him sent to an asylum!!
I also like the new features on your blog. I'm definitely doing to use them. I like the new burst of life you've introduced in your blog!

EvansvilleWatch Staff said...

I'm so glad you've decided to continue the blog (and on Twitter) You have become my main source for all things "Lincoln!"
Really appreciate the effort you put into this and in my opinion your blog is one of the best out there!
Also, I like the changes!

Bill Merkel

Geoff Elliott said...

Thank you, Michael and Bill, for your words of encouragement about my blog. I've been at this for almost three years now.

I enjoy learning and teaching about Lincoln. I find that many people are interested in his life story.

As for the new features, I like them, too. These new share buttons make it much easier to share my posts in other forums. And the "fun links" add a lighter touch to this blog which sometimes needs one.



Anonymous said...

This is so freaking funny!! I am dying laughing. Abe looks so cool.

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