Lincoln 1860

Lincoln 1860

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One Of The Best History Blogs Around

I've been blogging about all things related to Abraham Lincoln for more than two years. In that time, I've become friends with several fellow bloggers who write about their particular passion in American history. Some write about other presidents, while others write about American history in general.

One of my favorite blogs is "My Adventures In History," written by Rebecca, a history enthusiast based in Boise, Idaho. She blogs primarily about her own trips to historical sites throughout America, sharing her impressions and thoughts about her visits. This past spring, for example, she journeyed to the Eastern U.S. for the first time, visiting Antietam, the Museum Of The Confederacy, and the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield. I don't think she would mind if I post a photo of her and "Abe" posing together on a bench in Lincoln's hometown.

Every post from Rebecca is informative, entertaining, and beautifully written. Like me, she is not a trained historian. She simply has a love of history which she wants to share with her readers.

I encourage my own readers to drop by "My Adventures In History" and see for yourself why it is truly one of the finest American history blogs around.


Rebecca said...


Thank you so much for posting about my blog! I've been a little discouraged about it lately. I don't have as much time to devote to it now that I'm working, but I'm glad there are at least a couple people who enjoy it! I really appreciate it!

Irene said...

I am in the process of reproducing a monumental scale cast bronze sculpture of Gutzom Borglun's "Seated Lincoln". It will serve as a memorial to Idaho's connection to the 14th U.S. President as well as the birthplace of the famous sculptor. Are you aware of any other bronze work of a seated Lincoln that is twice life size?

Abigail said...

This will be a great palce for us to find new places to visit! Just hit James Polk's house

lincolnman said...

Hello. I just surfed on to your site. It's one of the best Lincoln blogs I've seen. I just started my own Lincoln blog 3 weeks ago. I humbles by your content, professionalism-everything. It's great to know there are others who love Mr. Lincoln. Feel free to visit my "work in progress" at:
Thanks. B. Nash

Dave Wiegers said...

There is a huge seated Lincoln in the water front park in Louisville that just went in this past year. In addition there is a large seated Lincoln in Stamford, CT that was erected in 1994 that is an homage to Borglum's Seataed Lincoln in Newark, NJ - he had a studio in Stamford. There are others in Decatur, IL among those.

Where will the Borglum be located in Idaho and when do you anticipate it being placed? I am working on a book on Lincoln sculpture and I am trying to include as many as possible. I have documented over 235 at this point.

Irene said...

Thank you for your detailed information on other Lincoln sculptures. Are these other large sculptures in Louisville and Stamford in bronze? What is your definition of "huge". The one I am currently working on is 9feet (seated) and if Lincoln were standing he would be nearly 13 feet tall. His hands for instance are as large as turkey platters and his shoes are 28" long. This is being reproduced from 3-D scanning that was done last spring on Borglum's work that sits out in front of the Essex Co. Courthouse in Newark. It was then lazer cut in foam where I am now painstakingly adding in the details with clay. This sculpture will be installed at Julia Davis Park in Boise, Idaho. The granddaugther of Ms Davis is one of the donors to the project. Her grandfather once played marbles with Lincoln when he was a boy during a campaign stop in his hometown. Lincoln played a large role in the establishment of the Idaho territories and Borglum was born in the Bear Lake region of Idaho. This public art work will be a first in our history to be completely funded and created by women only. I would be happy to provide you with in-process photographs.

Rebecca said...


Thanks for the info. about another Lincoln statue coming to Boise! I'm anxious to see what it will look like. Do you know anything definite about when it will be finished? I'm a Boise resident as well as a history buff, so that's exciting!

Dave Wiegers said...

The Louisville piece is every bit as large as the one you describe you are working on. I can send you a picture of it if you'd like. I'd need an email address.
I am curious why you went out to New Jersey when there is a copy of the same Borglum Seated Lincoln in Keystone, SD near Mt. Rushmore? Much nearer to Idaho.

The statue in Stamford is not quite as large but still larger than life sized.

There is also a seated young Lincoln in Senn Park on the northside of Chicago that is large also. Perhaps not quite as tall as you describe.

I am really excited to see your piece. When is it scheduled to be completed and unveiled?

I have been invited out to Boise by David Leroy to see the statue that was moved to the state capital. I saw it before it was moved from the Vereran's Home.I could kill two birds with one stone if I could see both on one trip.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca and Lincolnphotog,
I am currently preparing the foam and clay model of Borglum's seated Lincoln at Park's Bronze in Enterprise, Oregon and should have it ready for casting by Sunday. We are planning for a April Unveiling. We did not use the reproduction of the sculpture exhibited at Mt. Rushmore, because they required a very large amount of money in order to access it for reproduction purposes. The people at the Essex County Courthouse were really great to work with. I look forward to meeting both of you at the unveiling! Irene

A. Yepiz said...


I have been a long time reader of your blog.

Thanks for this post. I'm always looking for new blogs that have great things to share with us lovers of history.

By the way, you are better historian than you give yourself credit for. I'm a "trained" historian, which just means I have a piece of paper that says I am. But I have learned more about history from people like you than I did at my institution of "higher education." (my only enjoyment is to have studied Abraham lincoln under Dr. Ron Rietveld before his retirement).

I would have rather had you as my teacher than the majority of the ones I had.

God Bless,


Geoff Elliott said...

Hi Alex,

Wow, what a kind thing to say! Thank you very much. Comments such as yours make my efforts at this blog worth it.

My first love in life is the study of Lincoln, obviously, but I am also fascinated by many other areas of both American and World History. While other kids read Dr. Seuess books, my head was buried in books about Abe, U.S. presidents in general, the Civil War, medieval Europe, and Mary Queen of Scots.

In recent years, the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires hold a special interest for me. I've been married to a Turkish woman for 22 years and have travelled extensively through her home country.

History for many (or most) people is a dull, boring subject. But I firmly believe that with the right "teacher," it can be brought to life and "grab" people who otherwise couldn't care less about it.

I strive to make this blog interesting all the time, with a good mix of facts and humor. Sometimes I worry that my humor might be a bit irreverant, but Mr. Lincoln himself was known to be irreverant at times, too. I don't think he'd mind.

Once again, Alex, thank you for your compliments. Feel free to comment any time. And please offer corrections if you ever notice any mistakes!



Dave Wiegers said...

Irene,check your email. I sent you a picture of the Lincoln in Louisville.

Anonymous said...

no photo received yet.

I'll look for it...might need to resend.

Thank you!!!

Charles Margerison said...

Great bolgs and pictures so keep going. Interest as I am writing a book called Amazing Americans to be published in 2010 - see example -

Unknown said...

it's very cool post.

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