Lincoln 1860

Lincoln 1860

Friday, February 6, 2009

Two Days Worth Of Abe In "USA Today"

USA Today has featured articles about Honest Abe and the bicentennial of his birth in today's and yesterday's editions. I realize the paper is widely-read, but I thought I'd share with my readers in case anyone has missed them.

Today's USA Today has an article in its weekly travel section with suggestions for trips to Lincoln-related sites in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and of course Washington, D.C. The writer thoughtfully included some upcoming events in each location, along with a suggestion or two for sites which are infrequently visited by travelers. For example, the less-visited site suggested for Kentucky is Mary Todd Lincoln's childhood home in Lexington. She grew up in luxury while her husband of course spent most of his youth in abject poverty. While it's fitting and proper that these states and D.C. get a lot of attention, Lincoln's links to my own state of Ohio are often overlooked. I'll be posting about some of them in an upcoming post.

Yesterday's edition of the paper has a full-page article discussing noteworthy new books about Lincoln for both adults and children. The writer gives a great review for "A. Lincoln" by Ronald C. White, Jr." and for "They Have Killed Papa Dead" (yet another book about the assassination) by Anthony Pitch. There is also a section devoted to new Lincoln books for the kids. I was very happy to see the reporter mention "Lincoln And His Boys," a truly superb book which I reviewed in-depth here last August. The article in the paper shows one of the beautiful illustrations by P.J. Lynch from that book.


Rebecca said...

I'm looking forward to your post about Lincoln's connections to your own state of Ohio. In fact, I'm formulated by own post about Lincoln and Idaho but it's been very difficult to write lately!

Unknown said...

I consider myself a non-professional student of Abe Lincoln. Your site is very informative and well down, and I enjoyed my visit here. Good work.
I look forward to visiting this site again.

Thanks, Toby

Zamankhan said...

your blog is nice

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