Lincoln 1860

Lincoln 1860

Friday, November 16, 2007

A Lincoln Re-Enactor Who Looks Like Lincoln

This man resembles Lincoln better than most impersonators I've seen. The photo was taken at a re-enactment of Shiloh, but it was held in Ventura County, California. Here is a link to the article about the re-enactment held recently.


klkatz said...

he sure does look like him... i wonder how tall he is?

Anonymous said...

Heyy He Came To My Skool Today :]] It was so much fun to watch him he is a very good actor and he actually looks like him to thank u again :]] Hope u come visit soon From Brianna.

Anonymous said...

and hes 6'4

Mike's Blogs said...

On February 8th 2014, an Abe Lincoln re-enactor gave a presentation at the Kansas Lions District Convention in Hays Kansas. I'd like to learn this man's name that I might praise him on Facebook; I really enjoyed his performance.

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