Lincoln 1860

Lincoln 1860

Monday, October 20, 2008

New Lincoln Cookbook

Back on September 3, 2008 I posted a little story about how Lexington (Kentucky) restaurants were serving up some of Mr. Lincoln's favorite recipes. This was being done in honor of Lincoln and the approaching bicentennial of his birth. They got the recipes from "Lincoln's Table," a collection of vintage dishes.

Now comes the release of another new cookbook featuring many historic and modern recipes, including more of Lincoln's favorite meals. Titled "A. Lincoln Cookbook: A Cookbook of Epic Portions," the collection of recipes went on sale this past Friday at the Lincoln Museum in Springfield, Illinois. Featuring over 600 recipes, photos of Lincoln dishes and utensils, and a CD of areas of the museum off limits to visitors, the 316 page book is being sold as a fundraiser for the museum/library's Volunteer Services Department. Some of the tidbits includes the fact that Lincoln liked steak barely cooked, lots of coffee, chicken fricassee, and all sorts of sweets.

It can be ordered by calling (800) 610-2094. I didn't notice it online yet at the museum website at, but it is supposed to be available there as well. The book retails at $39.95.


Rebecca said...

That's a great idea for a fundraiser. I would buy it just for the CD! When is the bicentennial of Lincoln's birth, anyway? I can't seem to remember at the moment.

Ann Tracy Mueller said...

Geoff, Nice blog. Mine is still a baby, but I've linked it to yours. Hope that's okay. Ann

Anonymous said...

While procrastinating about work, I was drifting around the internet and found your fantastic blog. I thought I might tell you of a great children's book about the Gettysburg Adddress I blogged about on May 26, 2008 over at It is by Jean Fritz.

Anonymous said...

this is a great idea indeed

Anonymous said...

-Do you think you might be able to find anything on Lincoln's family tree? If not, then that's okay.

Christy said...

I agree with Rebecca. I want to see what's on the CD!

This looks like a beautiful book. Thanks for sharing.

John Ruberry said...

Hmmm...ppl living around that time faced earlier deaths than we they weren't worried, or were obvlivious to, high fat diets.

My guess is that this won't be marketed as a health food book.

Anonymous said...

This is especially fascinating because no one ever considers the everyday life (ie: foods) that Lincoln lived. Loved this!

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