Lincoln 1860

Lincoln 1860

Monday, October 6, 2008

Kevin Bacon As John Wilkes Booth

Today's Variety carries the news that the actor Kevin Bacon has signed to portray John Wilkes Booth in a new series titled The Booths on the Showtime cable network. According to the article, the series will focus on the dysfunctional relationship between Booth and his siblings, including his brother Edwin in the years leading up to Lincoln's assassination.

Bacon is a powerful actor who plays an excellent "bad guy" role. If The Booths is even half as good as Showtime's The Tudors, it will be worthwhile viewing. Production has yet to begin.


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Dop T said...

If this is accurate, it's a terrible idea. While I think Kevin Bacon is a great actor, I don't see him in the role of Booth. First of all, Bacon is 51 years old; Booth was almost 27 when he died. Secondly, Bacon doesn't have the smooth charm and good looks needed that, say, Matthew McConaughey does. And Bacon can play brooding and depressed very well, but he does not have the eyes to play quiet rage or concentrated plotting. Just my opinion, but I think its a bad casting decision.

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