Friday, October 11, 2013

Patriotism At The Lincoln Memorial

(image courtesy Washington Post)

The partial shutdown of the U.S. government has entered its second week as I write this blog post. Intransigent politicians within Congress, mostly Tea Party "patriots," have closed the government, forcing hundreds of thousands of federal workers to be furloughed, resulting in the prevention of vital services such as food safety inspections.  The economy is beginning to feel the ripple effects of this crisis as private sector employees and business owners in disparate industries like tourism, manufacturing, and banking are losing their jobs or seeing reduced business. 

One of the most visible impacts from the shutdown is the closure of all National Parks and Monuments throughout the United States. The National Park Service (NPS) ordered them closed as it was required to furlough its employees. Domestic and tourists from other nations cannot currently visit the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, national seashores, or hike trails in Yellowstone National Park.  Nowhere is the closure of National Monuments more visible than in the nation's capital, Washington, D.C.  

Enter Mr. Chris Cox originally from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.  As written in the Washington Post, Mr. Cox was appalled to see overflowing trash cans and the unkempt grounds at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. He didn't complain about it.  He took action. Cox bought a used lawn mower, new leaf blower, and a rake or two, and began tidying up the Lincoln Memorial grounds.  He mowed the grass, emptied trash containers, and even cut up a limb which had fallen across a sidewalk.  

The article in the newspaper quotes Cox as saying "I found it my duty to be here. The building behind me serves as a moral compass, not only for our country but for the world. And over my dead body are we going to find trash pouring out of these trash cans,” he said. “At the end of the day, we are the stewards of these buildings that are memorials.”  The U.S. Park Police eventually made Mr. Cox leave the grounds, but not before he accomplished what he set out to do.

Chris Cox is an example of what's right in the United States of America.  The delicious irony that he's from South Carolina shouldn't be lost on anyone. The two U.S. Senators from that state, Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham, are two of the biggest Tea Party politicians in Congress. And of course, the state is where the American Civil War began in April 1861.

While Senators and Congressmen who profess to be "patriots" delight in their attempt to destroy the Federal Government and ruin our economy, Mr. Chris Cox shows us what it means to be a true patriot.

Bravo, Mr. Cox.  Bravo.  

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