Lincoln 1860

Lincoln 1860

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Life Happens

My apologies for the lack of posting in recent weeks. I've been taking care of my mom, who was hospitalized for a week and then had a flare-up of her Multiple Sclerosis as a result of being weakened. Since I'm an only child and my dad is deceased, the only person available for her grocery shopping, doctor appointments, and outpatient treatments is me. This has been going on since March 31.

Fortunately, she's a lot better now, which is the most important thing. I can also begin to ease back into my own life, which means that I'll be able to resume fairly frequent postings here on the blog.

Thanks for your patience and continued support.


Dave Wiegers said...

It is good to hear that your mom is getting along better. Good luck and best wishes to her.

Toby said...


Your thoughful comments on Lincoln are well worth waiting for ... take care of your Mom; hope she improves soon.



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