Lincoln 1860

Lincoln 1860

Monday, January 12, 2009

"Lincoln's Road" Art Exhibit At Georgetown University

The Georgetown Law Center in Georgetown, D.C. will host an intriguing exhibit featuring artwork depicting Abraham Lincoln from February 3-28, 2009. The exhibit is called "Lincoln's Road" and features huge paintings and drawings of Lincoln by artist Chuck Levitan.

Copyright restrictions prevent me from sharing any of the images of the artwork, but I can at least say that the art is based on famous photos of Lincoln, including the earliest known photo of him, as well as one of the final photos. Also to be featured will be gigantic banners representing our nation's 16th president.

If you're going to be in the D.C. area next month, be sure to check out Mr. Levitan's art. I was made aware of this exhibition via email and am happy to share the information with my readers.

Click here for more information and images of the works by Mr. Levitan.


Anonymous said...

Hey Geoff,

Awesome blog! I've made a habit of checking it frequently. And over the months, you've assisted with numerous revisions and updates regarding Lincoln's Bicentennial, including this one. Keep it up!

In the spirit of sharing Mr. Levitan's Georgetown Exhibit, I thought you might be interested in sharing with your readers another set of DC events: the national Lincoln Bicentennial Commission's signature events scheduled for Feb. 12:

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I'm happy to help.


Hasan S. Aloul
Program Associate
Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission
Library of Congress
101 Independence Ave. SE
Washington, D.C. 20540
Phone: 202-707-6998
Fax: 202-707-6995

"Live the Legacy!"

Geoff Elliott said...

Thank you, Hasan, for the compliments. I was thrilled when I first saw my blog linked to by the Bicentennial Commission website.

I'm actually heading to Washington tomorrow in order to visit the Lincoln exhibits at the Smithsonian American History Museum and at the National Portrait Gallery. On Monday evening, I'm attending "Our Lincoln" at the Kennedy Center. I can't wait.

Thanks for reading the blog and I'll be sure to post about the events on February 12. I wish I could attend them in person.

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