Lincoln 1860

Lincoln 1860

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An Incredible Lincolnia Auction

From time to time, I stroll through the land of eBay and blog about some of the more interesting or unusual Abe items up for bid. I've also posted about Lincoln speeches and rare letters being offered by Sotheby's or other auction houses.

On November 20th, Heritage Auction Galleries (Dallas, Texas) is holding a very special auction of Lincoln items in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Some of the items to be offered at auction are Lincoln autographs, the veil Mary Lincoln wore on her fateful trip to Ford's Theater, John Wilkes Booth items (including the earliest known autograph of his), a ticket to Lincoln's second inauguration, mourning ribbons, Lincoln's bloody shirt collar and so on. The item I've pictured here are a pair of spectacles owned by Lincoln, complete with impeccable provenance: a letter from Mary Harlan Lincoln, Lincoln's daughter-in-law.

The prices to be realized aren't for the easily shocked. Opening bid on Old Abe's specs is a cool $26,000! Take some time to look through the auction items and be in envy of the eventual new owners. I sure will be! You can find the auction site here. Thanks to an anonymous commenter for bringing the auction to my attention.


Anonymous said...

I have created a 5 page Lincoln Museum online at my website at

Stuart Schneider, author of "Collecting Lincoln"

Geoff Elliott said...

Mr. Schneider, thank you for informing me and my readers of your wonderful website. What a collection!

Thanks for dropping by.

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